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Gifts for Nightwish on the 2016 North American Tour
November 5, 2015

Following last year's success in a gift collaboration from so many here at Official Nightwish North America, and by request from many of you, we have opened up the opportunity to once again donate! To have your name on a gift that will be given to the band when they return to North America, follow the link below. You can give as little or as much as you like, and donate as many times as you wish. There's also plenty of time to donate, so no time pressure either. Thanks to everyone that has donated in the past for our gift collections, and also to those that participate in this new one!

CLICK HERE to donate to the Nightwish 2016 Tour Fund!

Endless Forms Most Beautiful Tour Edition
October 31, 2015

While supplies last, you can get your hands on the newest release by Nightwish! This limited edition run of Endless Forms Most Beautiful comes with a DVD filled with live performances, official videos, and much more! This is a single run print and will not be made again so don't miss out on this one off opportunity!

Follow THIS LINK to get your copy of the Endless Forms Most Beautiful Tour Edition.

Nightwish Evolution Jewelry Series
August 18, 2015

After Floor modeled for Kalevala Koru jewelry, Nightwish opted to team up with the jewelers and create a line of their own inspired by the album Endless Forms Most Beautiful. The result has been an awe inspiring collection for fans of Nightwish.

Get your very own Nightwish Evolution Series Jewelry HERE.



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